Joovv Full Body LED Review – Red Light Therapy Device

Joovv Full Body LED Review

Most people don’t experience pain in just one area. As pain progresses, it can spread throughout the body. What was once a shoulder pain, it can easily become a back pain or even lower back pain.

People who were involved in an accident or have had an accident at home might be in a pain in different body areas. It’s hard to relieve pain through medicine in a specific body area such as the knee, but it’s even harder to relieve the pain through the full body.

Needless to say, painkillers are a slow and hard way to relieve the pain, and they definitely can’t eliminate it fully. Therefore, Joovv Full Body LED Red Light therapy device will help you to relieve your regular full body pain.

Features at a Glance

  • LED light at the power of 660 nm
  • 90-degree lenses that are made to cover your whole body
  • Your body can benefit from only a few minutes of therapy per day
  • 1 Joule of energy is delivered per minute
  • Can relieve pain and improve different skin conditions
  • Suitable for wrinkles, skin tone, and even age spots
  • Can fade scars and help reduce stretch marks
  • Treats joint inflammation
  • Speeds up wound healing process
  • Attachable door hook and a pulley for height adjustment

90-Degree Lenses – There are about 150 light bulbs and they even feature a 90-degree lens. This allows the device to treat an area of about 4 ft. by 2.5 ft. This way, you will get the most out of your therapy and your device while saving some energy as well.

1 Joule per Minute – Joovv LED therapy light is able to produce 1 Joule of energy per minute thanks to the latest technology it’s based on. Therefore, you only need to spend a few minutes per day in front of the device for a successful treatment.

Treats Joint Inflammation – Other than relieving pain throughout the whole body, Joovv red LED light can help treat joint inflammation at the same time, no matter the place of your joint. On top of that, it can also speed up the wound healing process too.

Attachable Door Hook – This red LED light therapy device might seem big, but once you attach it to your door and you adjust the proper height, there’s nothing else you have to be worried about.


  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • Medical-grade irradiance
  • Consumes only 500 watts
  • Slim design that can don’t require a lot of space
  • Adjustable timer with an audio alert
  • Can be used while standing or sitting
  • No need to hold the device
  • No need to replace the light bulbs
  • Easy to use


  • One con of this product is that you can’t use it for a long time at once due to the high level of red light therapy bulbs. Therefore, only a few minutes per day at once.
  • If someone doesn’t follow the instructions, they might feel a burning sensation and expect a dry skin after a while.
    Therefore, to avoid this, simply stick to the instructions and don’t use the device for longer than allowed by the instructions.




Our Opinion

With the small red light therapy devices, you’d have to spend hours to treat your whole body and actually relieve any pain. However, with these red light therapy bulbs which feature 90-degree lenses, your full body can benefit from the therapy with only a few minutes a day.

With Joovv Full Body LED red light, your therapy won’t require any device holding, and you can feel safe to attach this device to your door. Adjusting the height feature is really useful which is made to accommodate people of all sizes and even help people who prefer sitting during the therapy.

It’s very suitable for elderly people who don’t have the energy to sit in front of the device for a few hours. They can also avoid the side effects of the medicine.

Other than the muscle, joint, and disc pain, this device can relieve any type of pain throughout your body. It is known to even take care of various skin conditions such as wrinkles, skin tone, wound marks and even stretch marks. We’ve even heard that this therapy device is suitable for boosting the level of testosterone which can be a great case for some people.

The area is very well designed so the whole body can benefit. No matter whether you stand or sit in front of the device, your full body gets treated equally. This helps you save time too.

If your main goal is to relieve your pain yet stay away from medicine that can mix up your other medicine and cause a number of side effects – this is the perfect solution.

The device uses the latest technology which makes it way more efficient than any other traditional medical setting. This device went through a number of tests before it was approved by the doctors and even the FDA. It is also used by professional athletes.

Two different Joovv models

There is one thing you’ll have to note. Joovv has two different models which come with different specifications. Therefore, you should make sure to choose exactly the model which has the right specifications for your needs.

There is the Original and Mini model. The Mini model can deliver only up to 660 nm. The  Original model can deliver up to combined configurations of red and near a red infrared light.

The Original model has bigger dimensions while the Mini model has smaller dimensions. This is one way to recognise and distinguish between the two. We’d suggest choosing a model which represents the specifications that are suitable for your needs.

Where to Buy?

The best place to buy this Full Body LED Red Light Therapy device by Joovv is Amazon.

If you order it with Amazon Prime, you will be able to get the next day delivery and you wouldn’t have to spend even one day in pain. This way, anyone has an access to this useful treatment device even if it’s not available in your local stores.

Click here to buy Joovv Full Body LED Red Light Therapy device.

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